Supercar Underbody Cleaning

Dry Ice Cleaning a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Having spent a lot of effort (and money) getting his Superleggera just right, our client felt that the underneath of the car needed some attention. Most of the aluminium surfaces were contaminated with a white powdery deposit caused by corrosion from road salt. Also present was a layer of road grime, black oily deposits as well as surface rust on bare steel components.

Lamborghini dry ice blasting

There are so many nooks and crannies underneath supercars making cleaning by hand extremely time consuming and laborious. We were able to achieve results using dry ice blasting in just one day. All contamination was removed and all traces of the dreaded salt were eradicated.

After dry ice blasting the Lamborghini an industrial grade ceramic coating was applied to all aluminium surfaces. The ceramic coating protects the underbody components from corrosion and is also hydrophobic, repeling water, oil and dirt.

Lamborghini Gallardo Before Dry Ice Cleaning

Lamborghini Gallardo After Dry Ice Cleaning

Results After Dry Ice Blasting Lamborghini Gallardo




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