Aston Martin Dry Ice Cleaning safe

Dry Ice Car Cleaning FAQ

Is dry ice cleaning good for cars?
Dry ice car cleaning is extremely safe if the correct machine is used. It is also the most environmentally friendly way of automotive cleaning. The safest way to remove dirt, grim etc. from a vehicle is to use a dry ice blasting machine that you can adjust the CO2 pellet size right down to 0.3mm. This means we can clean using a very fine spray where extra care and precision are needed such as on delicate surfaces.

Q. Is dry ice blasting environmentally friendly?
A. Dry ice blasting is considered to be the most environmentally friendly way to clean. This is because it uses solid CO2 pellets to clean, without using water or chemicals and there is no secondary waste to get rid of. The CO2 that is used in dry ice blasting is captured and recycled from industrial processes such as fertiliser production and farming. This is then used by us during the cleaning process where it sublimates into the air

Q. Does dry ice cleaning damage paintwork?
A. Dry ice cleaning will not damage paintwork that is soundly adhered to it’s substrate. The dry ice pellets we use are soft and ideally suited for removing contamination without damaging even delicate paint. If the paintwork is flakey, such as around rust, then parts of it may be blasted off.

Q. What is dry ice engine cleaning?
A. Engines and engine bays are subject to many contaminants including road grime, spray, salt, oil, brake fluid, coolant and other chemicals. Over time these contaminants can bond to the engine surfaces making it difficult to remove without using harsh chemicals and mechanical agitation. Traditional methods for engine cleaning involve water which can cause problems with electrical components. Dry ice engine cleaning is a solution to this problem. It enables us to remove the contaminants easily without the use of chemicals, water or abrasion. After dry ice cleaning the engine is dry with no residue left behind.

Q. Is dry ice blasting better than sand blasting?
A. It depends on the the job but where cleaning underneath a car is concerned then yes, dry ice blasting is better. If paint removal is required then an abrasive media will be a better option.

Q. Will dry ice blasting remove rust?
A. Dry ice blasting will remove loose, flakey surface rust from a metal surface including the bright red oxide layer.

Q. Will dry ice blasting remove oxidation from bare aluminium parts?
A. Dry ice blasting is effective at removing the white, fluffy oxidation commonly found on aluminium parts e.g. suspension components. If the aluminium is tarnished or stained then this will not be removed by dry ice cleaning alone.

Q. How effective is dry ice blasting?
A. Dry ice blasting is the best method of removing contaminants from a car’s underbody and components. It is more effective and quicker than power washing or steam cleaning while producing no secondary waste. Dry ice blasting excels at cleaning in tight, complex, hard to get to areas of a car’s underbody.

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