Classic Car Dry Ice Blasting

1985 Mercedes 280CE Pillarless Coupe (C123)


We were contacted by a gentleman who has a C123 Mercedes Coupe in beautiful, original condition. He wanted the complete underbody dry ice blasted to reveal any hidden rust allowing him to treat it accordingly. He had tried the process by hand but quickly realised the painstaking task ahead and promptly enlisted our services.

We chose a 2 step approach to this project, Firstly we went over any suspected corrosion spots using a higher pressure to dislodge flakey paint, dirt, wax, seam sealer and remove surface corrosion. We then went over the entire underbody at a reduced pressure to remove all dirt and traffic film that had built up over 36 years. The owner was delighted as he could easily treat the exposed rust spots and then coat the underbody with a Bilt Hamber protection wax at his leisure.

Note: The components (exhaust, engine, axle, suspension etc.) were not cleaned as the owner is planning on restoring those at a later date.



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