Dry Ice Cleaning Car UK

Vehicle Dry Ice Cleaning for the UK

Cleaning without water!

If your car has a build up of contaminants such as dirt, grime, oil, wax and old underseal then dry ice cleaning your car could be the answer. We use the latest dry ice blasting technology making it possible to remove all contamination from cars without causing damage to critical components. We can adjust the dry ice pelet size so that “just enough” aggresion is used to clean, even in the delicate areas. Intricate areas can be quickly cleaned using dry ice making the system very cost effective. We clean car engine bays as well as underbody and wheel arch areas. Dry ice cleaning is the most effective way to remove unwanted dirt and grime from hard to reach places without leaving any type of residue behind. No water is used in the process either, just dry solid C02 granules that evaporate on contact leaving the surface dry and contaminant free.

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We specialise in dry ice cleaning cars and underbody restoration. Contact us today to see how we can help make your car look it’s very best



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