Jtek Car Dry Ice Cleaning and Vehicle Preservation Services

Jtek specialise in underbody car care. We offer a number of services as follows to help protect your investment:

Dry Ice Underbody and Chassis Cleaning

All undertrays removed. Deep clean of floorpan incl. all underbody components, drivetrain, suspension and brakes

Dry Ice Wheel Arch Cleaning

Wheels and wheel arch liners removed. Deep clean of wheel arch, suspension, brakes and wheel hub area.

Dry Ice Engine Bay Cleaning

A deep clean of the engine bay using dry ice to remove contamination and restore factory finish. All components cleaned including engine and ancillaries, carburettor/ injection system, all hoses/ pipework, all plastics and metalwork, and all electrical components on view.

Electrochemical Stainless Exhaust Cleaning

Electrochemical cleaning of stainless steel exhaust system removing oxidation layer and restoring the bright metal finish. Optional ceramic coating exhaust protection available.

Surface Rust Management

The aim is to remove surface rust through abrasives but where it is not possible to remove all rust e.g. deep pitting and seam rust, it will be properly sealed using a rust converter.

Rust Repair Welding

Weld repairs matching OE fitment and finish. TIG and MIG available.

Undertray and Wheel Arch Liner Refurbishment

Complete refurbishment of underbody and wheel arch plastics. Renewal of rusty and worn out bolts, screws, captive nuts etc.


Underbody Protective Coatings

IGL protective coatings

Application of industrial grade nano ceramic coating to the underbody and components giving years of protection. Application of wax coating or underseal product to protect and preserve for years to come.


Other Services:

Headlight Restoration

Restoring clarity to faded and discoloured headlight lenses. This process makes your headlights look like new again. Then a protective ceramic coating is applied to protect from UV damage.

Race / Rally / Track Car Dry Ice Preparation

Competition car treatments prior to seam welding – dry ice seam sealant removal, underseal removal and sound proofing removal.
Competion car lightening including dry ice sound proof mat, seam sealer, tar / bitumen mat removal.
Pre event dry ice deep clean of interior including electrical components – removing all contamination
Detailed pre-season or end of season deep clean of all race/ rally car components allowing easier maintenance.

Car Dry Ice Wood Cleaning / Decontamination

For cars that need wood decontamination we can gently clean the wood using dry ice to get it back to a bare state (such as chassis or exterior wood).

Waxoyl Removal & Underseal Removal

Waxoyl & underseal removal without damaging the underlying paint/ coating/ sealer.

Car Smoke Damage Cleaning

Safely remove smoke damage, charring and soot deposits etc. from all surfaces. Dry ice also effectively removes odours.

Car Flood Damage Cleaning

Effective removal of silt deposits and odours from all car surfaces dry ice is safe on electrics.

Underbody Coating Removal

Underbody coating e.g. wax or cosmoline removal without damaging underlying paint.

Underbody / Floorpan / Chassis Surface Rust Treatment

Underbody, floorpan and chassis surface rust treatment using dry ice blasting. Effectively removing crud and flakey paint/ sealer to reveal hidden rust so that it can be treated.




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