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We specialise in car underbody deep cleaning, restoration and preservation using the world’s most advanced dry ice blasting equipment. Jtek’s car dry ice cleaning system removes built up contamination from your car without using water or chemicals. Our technology uses recycled, frozen CO2 as a powerful way to clean surfaces through a process called sublimation while leaving no residue behind. It can restore the finish of your car to a level not previously possible.

We are also approved installers of IGL Coatings range of anti corrosion coatings.

Our system is safe on:

Painted surfaces, metal, plastic and rubber, electrical components, fuel systems, wiring harnesses & connectors

Dry Ice Can Remove:

Dirt, grime, grease, traffic film, tar, organic and adhesive residue, loose surface rust & light oxidation, flakey paint & coatings, wax coatings, aftermarket underseal, paint overspray & graffiti.

Porsche Carrera RSR Clubsport


Our Technology

We have invested in the very best dry ice blasting technology on the market. Simply because we want to achieve the very best and safest results for your car. Our machine allows “on the fly” CO2 particle size adjustment during blasting. This unique feature means we can adjust the cleaning intensity to suit any surface and any contaminant in a safe way. Whether we’re gently cleaning delicate Ferrari crinkle cam cover paint or blasting off underseal from a classic car underbody, we have the experience and technology to do so in a way that’s sympathetic to the car.

How It Works

Soft CO2 particles are blasted at high pressure onto the surface to be cleaned. The low temperature of the CO2 (-79 degrees C) reduces the contaminant’s adhesion through thermal shock . Upon impact the CO2 immediately expands back to a gas (sublimates) where it rapidly expands up to 600 times in volume, causing mini explosions that lift the contaminant from the surface.

The process is safe on delicate surfaces, even printed circuit boards! and is better for the environment than any method using water, chemicals or blast media. As there is no direct contact, meaning it’s “touchless” there are no marring risks such as dirt scouring or brush abrasion.

Our services are popular with:

  • Collectors
  • Enthusiasts
  • Restorers
  • Show Exhibitors
  • Dealerships

Why Choose Us?

  • No Risk to sensitive surfaces using the latest equipment.
  • Superior results using the very best blasting technology in the world.
  • Experience – established in 2021 we have transformed over 100 cars
Porsche 996 before-after photo
Porsche 911 before/ after dry ice blasting (click for bigger)
aston martin dry ice cleaning

sean flaherty
sean flaherty
After scouring the web I couldn’t find anyone close that offered this level of detail, care and attention to underside restoration/treatment. I drove my 94’ Toyota Celica WRC all the way from Scotland to get this work done. Firstly I can say Julian went above and beyond with the work and the proof is in the pudding by saving a 30 year old legendary car. Customer service was second to none and I was continually updated with progress via video/pictures. Now with my car being homologation spec I wanted to get the underside in the best possible condition and the dry ice blasting coupled with the treatment came up amazing and I can rest peacefully that it’s not going to rot. I can truly recommend Jtek for anyone thinking of preserving your pride and joy.
James Dolman
James Dolman
Fantastic to deal with, Julian is very knowledgeable, professional and has a great attention to detail. Had the underside of my car dry ice cleaned to remove underseal and assess the condition and identify rust. Thoroughly recommend.
Terry King
Terry King
never dealt with a company that worked so hard to satisfy my requirements, ice blasting my Landrover THANK YOU Julian and Mara, i think we can agree we brought my vehicle back from the brink. See you in 5 to 6 years for a new coat of clear wax. These guys deserve every success.
Harrison Chamberlain
Harrison Chamberlain
Where to start? I contacted JTEK auto early December to enquire about dry ice cleaning on my R26R. I had a lot of questions for Julian but he was more than happy to take the time answer them on his day off. I have been nothing but blown away by the whole service. The results Julian has achieved on all areas of the car is outstanding and has even worked over time refining smaller areas. I’ve been kept up to date through the whole service, followed by a portfolio of photos, before and after. I cannot recommend JTEK enough, I will be back here in the near future for my other project cars. Overall: Professional, punctual, friendly.
Charles C
Charles C
Excellent product and customer service. Jtek Auto offers a cutting edge method for restoring and treating the underside of vehicles. Julian, the owner, is friendly and very professional. He considered my requirements based on a couple of telephone calls and a number of photographs and we agreed a budget. The results exceeded my expectations. I recently bought a low mileage 2013 200 series Toyota Land Cruiser V8 turbo diesel which the previous owner had kept in excellent condition. The only downside was that he had used a bitumen-based underseal on the chassis and running gear. This had started to dry out and surface rust was pushing through on the weld seams. Failing underseal traps moisture and rust spreads rapidly underneath, hidden from view. Traditional methods of removing these coatings are notoriously messy and time consuming, and they typically destroy the original finish. Given the condition of the rest of the vehicle, I was looking for an approach that would restore and protect it long-term and maintain its value. Julian had no hesitation in offering Jtek's solution which involved dry-ice blasting the old underseal off, treating any surface rust and protecting everything with a clear wax. He also addressed all my queries about the process and the products (Bilt Hamber). The results are remarkable. Jtek did an meticulous job of removing the bitumen underseal without damaging the mostly sound original chassis paint. Their attention to detail is exceptional and they provided photographic updates at every stage. The rust treatment and protective wax have given it a high quality finish that allows for easy inspection and maintenance in future. Aesthetically, the chassis now looks like the rest of the car, completely original and almost brand new. I travelled 100 miles each way to Jtek and it was well worth it to find a business committed to achieving such high standards for its customers.
Martin Kelson
Martin Kelson
Underbody cleaning and protection for my Porsche 981GTS. Really pleased with the results and the Service. The underside was dry ice cleaned, rust treated and repainted where required then fully protected using a hybrid resin. The advice given regarding underbody protection was great and I now have piece of mind that the car is fully protected underneath.
Grace Emery
Grace Emery
Julian and Mara did an exceptional job on my Mitsubishi Evo VII. The attention to detail and time spent on this work was over and above. My dream car was going to be at an unsalvageable point in a year, they managed to remove all the surface rust on this 20 year old Evo and protect it with a coating that is going to keep it protected from UK roads and weather for the next 18 years. I cannot recommend this service enough. If I was buying a new car now that I loved, I would be taking it straight in here to keep it in mint condition. It's been a real eye opener to see how unprotected cars are from rust, straight from manufacturer. Thank you so much Julian and Mara, again. You've saved and protected my dream car 💫💕
Albert Hitchcock
Albert Hitchcock
Julian did a fantastic job ice blasting the underside, suspension brakes and engine bay of my 1985 Mercedes 500SL. The contrast between the 'before' and 'after' is amazing. He discovered some corrosion and holes in the metal hidden by the underseal together with some previous poor 'patched' welding repairs. He rectified these areas with expert welding with 'inset' metal to professional standards. He also rustproofed and painted any exposed areas of metal. The result is a staggering transformation. I thoroughly endorse and recommend Jtek and Julian.
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones
Got my porsche transaxle ice blasted here and Julian, the owner, was most accomodating. Whats more, hes a bit of a perfectionist and he spent more time than he really should have getting my transaxle tip top clean. Would have no hesitation in coming back again or recommending Jtek for parts cleaning, or their speciality, under chassis cleaning.




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