The UK’s Leader in Dry Ice Car Cleaning

Our innovative dry ice blasting technology uses recycled CO2 as a powerful way to clean contamination from vehicles without damaging the underlying surfaces. It can restore the finish of your car to a level not previously possible.

Removing Underseal Using Dry Ice

The dry ice blasting process cleans and degreases leaving the surface dry and residue free. It is water and chemical free.

We offer a range of services including:

Underbody Cleaning

Full underbody treatment using our advanced dry ice surface cleaning technology

Wheel Arch Cleaning

Wheels are removed to allow dry ice treament of wheel arch area

Engine Bay Cleaning

A deep clean of engine, components and engine bay area using our dry ice system

Underbody Protection

Application of underbody protective coating to provide a barrier from the elements

What Surfaces Can We Clean?

Our system is safe and highly effective at cleaning:

✅ Painted surfaces
✅ Metal (bare and coated)
✅ Plastic and Rubber
✅ Electrical components
✅Fuel systems

What Does Dry Ice Remove?

Dirt, road grime, traffic film, grease, grit, tar, organic residue, paint overspray, graffiti, expired wax coatings, failing underseal, loose surface rust, loose paint, petrol varnish, light oxidation, adhesive residue +more


The Technology

We have invested in the most advanced cryogenic cleaning technology available allowing us to achieve superior. Our machine is the only one on the market that allows a customised CO2 particle size during cleaning from 0.3mm to 3mm. This results in a high level of precision for every type of surface and requirement whether we’re removing traffic film from a factory applied coating or blasting off underseal from a classic car underbody to restore the original paint.

The soft CO2 crystals are blasted at high pressure onto the surface to be cleaned. The low temperature of the CO2 (-79 degrees C) reduces the contaminant’s adhesion through thermal shock . Upon impact the CO2 immediately expands back to a gas (sublimates) causing mini explosions that lift the contaminant off the surface.

The process is safe on delicate paint and is also better for the environment than conventional methods.

“The key element that makes dry ice blasting so powerful is the sublimation, it’s impressive to see, it’s like the dirt just disappears!”

Julian from Jtek Auto Ltd

Our dry ice car cleaning service is popular with:

  • Collectors
  • Enthusiasts
  • Restorers
  • Show Exhibitors
  • Pre-Sale Preparations
Porsche 996 before-after photo
Porsche 911 before/ after dry ice blasting (click for bigger)
ferrari testarossa rear view

Jtek operate from a bespoke dry ice car cleaning facility in the Wiltshire countryside which is easily accessible from the M4 and close to Bath and Bristol. We are fully insured, have on-site security with CCTV and monitored intruder alarm for piece of mind.

Dave Ling
Dave Ling
I took my 20 year old Porsche 911 to Jtek Auto for the full works – underbody clean, engine & gearbox clean, engine bay clean, and underbody wax treatment. Julian has done an absolutely amazing job, going above & beyond what could reasonably be expected, 20 years of grime & oxidisation has been ‘dry ice blasted’ away, the alloy parts under the car now look fantastic, he blasted & then treated several areas of corrosion on the underbody, every step was communicated with photos & videos of the progress each day. I honestly could not be happier with the results, and the service provided, Julian & Jtek are an absolute pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending them. Great value for money, Julian is a perfectionist, and it really shows in the finished job.
Christopher Philpot
Christopher Philpot
Very happy indeed, I don't normally leave reviews but credit were due. The car travelled over 100 miles to him. I was happy to leave my expensive pride and joy with Julian who could not have been more helpful and accommodating. I am very protective of it, he kept me updated, sent me photos and videos along the way. He achieved a better result in a day than than I could have ever hoped for. Worth every penny.
Shabby Tiger
Shabby Tiger
I took my 1985 Mercedes C123 to have the underside cleaned. The method of dry ice cleaning is second to none. It cleans to the point that you can see both the good and bad parts of metal and therefore treat accordingly. A must for those with cherished cars. Regarding the service provided, Julian and his assistant Mara were extremely accommodating explaining the process in detail and highlighting their work at each step. This gave me a 100% confidence in what they were doing to my car and I extended the scope of work to include additional items. I am one very happy customer.



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